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6 Gardening Tips for Planting in the Summer

Things are heating up here in Charlotte. And Meteorologist Brad Panovich thinks we are going to have one of the hottest summers on record. Planting trees and bushes can enhance the look of your yard. But can you plant in the summer months - June, July, and August?

Yes, you can! We want to share our favorite gardening tips to help your plants thrive even in the hottest months. Let’s get started!

Stop by our nursery in Stanley to get the best gardening tips.

1. Choose Heat-Tolerant Bushes or Plant in Shade

We carry a variety of heat- and drought-tolerant bushes as well as shade-loving plants at our nursery in Mount Holly. Plus, our nursery stock comes pre-fertilized, so that's one less step you need to worry about. Visit us every Saturday at the Mount Holly Farmers Market or make an appointment to see our nursery and peruse our selections.

2. Amend Your Clay Soil

If you live in the Central North Carolina area, you are likely dealing with clay soil. We recommend mixing in some compost or organic matter to improve drainage and root growth. When installing new landscaping for our clients, we use a soil conditioner for the best performance. Amending your clay soil helps plants get the nutrients they need and makes it easier for their roots to spread.

3. Plant in the Morning

The best time of day to plant your new landscaping is either early morning or late evening. These cooler parts of the day help reduce stress and protect your new plants from the heat.

How to water plants - use a soaker hose or slow trickle from your garden hose.

4. Water Often and Slowly

Initial Watering: Right after planting, give your trees and bushes a good soaking. This helps the roots settle and starts them off strong.

How Often to Water: For the first few weeks, water plants in your new garden every day. After they’ve settled in, you can reduce it to a few times a week.

How to Water Plants: Use a soaker hose or a slow trickle from a garden hose to make sure the water reaches deep into the soil, right where the roots are. Water for about 15-20 minutes per tree or bush.

Did you know that choosing native and drought-tolerant plants can reduce watering time by half? Make an appointment to visit our nursery near Stanley to see what we are carrying this season.

5. Use Landscape Mulch

Landscaping with mulch helps keep the soil cool and retains moisture, which is super important during the hot summer months. Spread a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around the base of your plants, but be sure to keep it a few inches away from the trunk or stems to prevent rot. There are a variety of natural mulches - like pine needles, shredded hardwood, and mini nuggets. But we always recommend choosing one that is best suited to your style, house color, and landscape theme.

One of the best gardening tips is to mulch around the base of your new plants to keep the soil moist.

6. Prune Sparingly

It’s best to avoid heavy pruning of new trees and bushes during the hottest parts of summer. Light pruning to remove dead or damaged branches is fine and can help your plant focus on healthy growth.

We hope these summer gardening tips help care for your newly planted trees and bushes. If you have any questions or need more advice, feel free to contact us at Late Bloomers Nursery and Landscaping. Happy planting!


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